Private Music Lessons (All Ages)

The Peel Music Academy offers professional and private individual lessons for a wide variety of musical instruments and styles, as well as theory, harmony and history classes. Whether you want to ascend through the RCM system or simply learn to play a new or favourite instrument, the Peel Music Academy has you covered!

What We Offer

• Piano -– Classical, Improvisational, Jazz, Blues, Arranging

• Vocal –- Various styles

• Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone -– Various Styles

• Guitar -– Various styles

• Violin –- Classical

• Drums –- Various styles

• Theory -– Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

Music Magic (4 & 5 Year Olds)

Early childhood is the ideal time to start music lessons; at this time the ear is at its peak of sensitivity and can usually adjust to relative and perfect pitch recognition. A variety of activities including singing, clapping, melody, harmony, ensembles, note reading, keyboard playing and musical games allow a child to grow musically and develop strong social skills.

Our Music Magic program enables younger children to get a head start on their music education and improve their overall learning skills, all while having a great time. Inquire about our Music Magic program because, in the case of music, the early bird really does get the worm!

Special Needs Students

For children, and adults, with special needs, music provides a fun and creative way to learn important life skills. It helps them promote self expression, motor skills and a sense of well being and self-awareness. It encourages them to be creative.

Each person is unique and so will experience music in their own way, and our teachers will work to encourage their individuality.

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